Construction Workers and Fatigue- What You Should Know

Managers and employers have overlooked fatigue among construction workers for years. However, this is a hazard that should concern project managers. Whether mental or physical, exhaustion impairs the ability of construction workers to effectively and safely perform their duties. It can also increase injuries and accident risks at the construction site. And this can necessitate unnecessary workers’ compensation or reduce their productivity.

Causes of Fatigue among Construction Workers

Some of the causes of fatigue among construction workers include night work, extended hours, and more workload. A repetitive and physically demanding job that common in construction can also cause fatigue among construction workers.

Some tasks require a high concentration level, such as operating heavy machinery. Environmental conditions like extreme cold or hot areas can cause fatigue among construction workers, while some factors outside the construction site can also cause exhaustion among workers. These include the lack of sufficient sleep, stress, poor sleep, unhealthy eating, alcohol, and drug use can also cause fatigue.

Common symptoms of fatigue among construction workers include muscle weakness, tiredness, headaches, dizziness, and low concentration levels.

Effects of Construction Workers’ Fatigue

Fatigue affects the performance of construction workers at the job site in many ways. For instance, a tired worker is not alert. And this means their reaction and response time can suffer. Unfortunately, this is dangerous because some working areas are hazardous and require fast response or reaction.

A reduction in muscle capacity can hinder construction workers from giving their all. And this can lead to low productivity. When tired, construction workers can’t concentrate on their tasks. Fatigue can also impair the decision and judgment of construction workers. And this can make them careless, which can be a costly mistake.

Dealing with Construction Workers’ Fatigue

To deal with construction workers’ fatigue, managers should come up with effective plans for managing it. They should also plan how to reduce fatigue-related accidents. Workers should also be open to admitting their fatigue. What’s more, construction managers should avoid overloading workers with unrealistic or too many expectations.

Employers and managers should monitor construction workers for fatigue signs. Wearable technology can help with employee monitoring. Additionally, construction workers should take adequate breaks, and managers should be mindful of their employees.

Final Thoughts

Employers should keep their construction workers safe. Fatigue is a common and serious issue that affects construction workers. Therefore, construction managers and employers should not overlook it because it can cause severe injuries and accidents or even death at the job site.